The Evergreen At A Crossroads

As editor-in-chief of The Daily Evergreen, I would like to welcome you back for another great semester and introduce you to the new Daily Evergreen. Returning students have probably noticed a few changes to our front page. This facelift was made so we could bring you more news, more eye-catching photos and more of what matters to you.

The Evergreen remains your source for everything WSU. Coug sports, campus life and eastern Washington politics — everything you need to know to be an informed student can be found within these pages.

With a circulation of more than 12,000, the Evergreen is the most read newspaper on the Palouse and the third largest student paper in the Pac-10. We still publish five days a week (Monday-Friday), with special issues before home football games and major campus events like Dad’s Weekend. The staff of the Evergreen made significant strides last semester, earning both regional and national recognition for our work. We will continue to provide you with accurate, timely and comprehensive coverage both in print and online over the course of the semester. Whether it’s insightful reporting from Kari Bray, Anna Marum and Andrea Castillo or thought-provoking columns from Derrick Skaug, Lainey Guddat and Alli Rowe, we are determined to carry on the Evergreen legacy.

The Evergreen — just like every other newspaper — is in the middle of a transition. Last semester, we worked to expand our web presence via Twitter, Facebook and blogs centered on student interests, advancing our goal of “creating content by students for students.” Since then, we’ve been in the process of overhauling our website to make it more aesthetically appealing and user-friendly. We’re also developing an application for iPhones and iPads because handheld devices like these are the future medium of print journalism. Fortunately, thanks to loyal advertisers and readers like you, the Evergreen remains slightly immune from many of the problems facing other papers. There will always be a place for a student-run newspaper at this university. Students may come and go, but the need for an independent newspaper is essential to this university.

Though many of us at the Evergreen are working full-time as student journalists, I would like to remind students and faculty that we are first and foremost students. We are applying our craft while we learn it in the classroom. Mistakes are bound to occur, but it is our responsibility to make sure they do not occur again. If you ever think an error has been printed that warrants a correction, please e-mail me at We demand transparency and accountability from the people we cover, and the public should demand the same of us. The Evergreen acts as a public forum. As the former opinion editor, I have a great affinity for the opinion page and its power to elevate social discourse on campus. I encourage everyone to submit letters to the editor at If you have any questions or would like to work for The Daily Evergreen please stop by our office in Murrow East 122 or send an e-mail to We are always hiring new reporters, columnists, bloggers and photographers.

A newspaper is nothing if not a work in progress. We work to provide content that matters — content that will not only inform you on a daily basis, but also contribute to the betterment of this university. This is a mission that we do not take lightly and will pursue with devotion this semester. And most importantly, Go Cougs!


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