In the News: What You Should Be Reading This Week (9/4/11)

For a contrarian viewpoint, Second Opinion scours dozens of newspapers and magazines each week to bring you the most important news driving the week on K Street and Wall Street. See this week’s picks below.

1. Is Rick Perry Dumb? by Jonathan Martin (Politico)

2. AT&T Dealt Deal Defeat After $12M in Lobbying by  Todd Shields and Jonathan Salant (Bloomberg)

3.The Freelance Surge Is the Industrial Revolution of Our Time  by Sara Horowitz (The Atlantic)

4. Boehner, Obama step up political gamesmanship as 2012 pressure grows by Michael O’Brien (The Hill)

5. The impact of Gen. David Petraeus, in four takes by Jason Ukman (The Washington Post)

6. Team Obama Finds Hope for 2012 in a History Lesson by Michael Scherer (Time)

7. U.S. Sues Big Banks Over Home Mortgages by Nick Timiraos, Robin Sidel, and Ruth Simon (Wall Street Journal)

8. Wall St. Tumbles After Bleak Jobs Report by Christine Hauser (New York Times)

9. Supercommittee Pits Lobbying Firms’ Clients Against One Another by Kristin Jensen (Bloomberg)

10. In a cloud over ozone by Eugene Robinson (The Washington Post)


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