Shouting Fire at a Mosque:Even Terry Jones and the Westboro Baptist Church Deserve First Amendment Protections

A court in Dearborn, Mich., ruled last week that controversial Florida pastor Terry Jones and his meager flock of followers could not stage a protest outside a local mosque, turning the radical pastor into an unsuspecting First Amendment martyr. With the assistance of the Thomas More Law Center, the Quran-burning pastor is now appealing the … Continue reading

Say No To Drug Prosecution: End the War on Drugs With Civil Disobedience

No one enjoys jury duty. Sitting for hours as lawyers poke and pry at your beliefs is about as exciting as waiting in line at the DMV. Jury duty is one of those civic responsibilities touted by high school government teachers that get ignored later in life — except for a jury in Missoula, Mont. … Continue reading

Revenge of the Nerd: Julian Assange, WikiLeaks and diplomacy in an open society

Whistleblower, terrorist, hacker – WikiLeaks’ founder Julian Assange has accumulated as many labels as enemies since his organization began releasing more than 250,000 secret cables between U.S. diplomats in November. What Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook have done for social networking, Assange and WikiLeaks have done for transparency in government affairs, placing the geopolitical power structure … Continue reading

Casualty Of War: The First Amendment and the Ground Zero Mosque

As Americans watched the World Trade Center turn into a mass of mangled steel, engulfing lower Manhattan in a cloud of smoke and fiery ash, the best and worst qualities of the nation’s character were revealed. We may not have succumbed to fear and intolerance at that moment, but our tendency to abandon our principles … Continue reading

Judging Elena Kagan

To fill the void left by the departure of Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, President Barack Obama nominated Solicitor General Elena Kagan to the high court last week. With no judicial experience, only a couple of dense academic writings and few released memos, Kagan’s enigmatic record has left pundits on both sides of the … Continue reading

Court extends free speech rights to corporations

In a landmark decision, the Supreme Court overrules 60 years of legal precedents, placing democratic process in peril.

American justice system goes on trial

Public trial needed in Khalid Sheikh Mohammed case

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