Not on Obama’s Watch: President takes stand for human rights in Libya

American-led forces unleashed a fury of missile strikes on Libyan installations this week, plunging the United States into a third Middle Eastern conflict and signaling the emergence of President Barack Obama’s own distinct foreign policy doctrine. In a shift away from the quagmire of mishaps that defined his predecessor’s foray into the Middle East, Obama … Continue reading

Q&A with Lawrence Pintak: New Media Provoking String of Middle East Uprisings

Former Daily Evergreen Editor-in-Chief Gavin Mathis sat down with Lawrence Pintak, Edward R. Murrow College of Communication founding dean, Wednesday to discuss the uprising in Egypt, the role of new media in the Middle East and President Barack Obama’s Middle East policy. Here is an excerpt from their conversation: Gavin Mathis: Why is this string … Continue reading

Revenge of the Nerd: Julian Assange, WikiLeaks and diplomacy in an open society

Whistleblower, terrorist, hacker – WikiLeaks’ founder Julian Assange has accumulated as many labels as enemies since his organization began releasing more than 250,000 secret cables between U.S. diplomats in November. What Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook have done for social networking, Assange and WikiLeaks have done for transparency in government affairs, placing the geopolitical power structure … Continue reading

Gaza Strip impoversished by Israeli stranglehold

Cloaked by the darkness of early morning on June 3, Israeli commandos rappelled to the deck of the Mavi Marmara, a relief ship bound for Gaza, to inspect its cargo for weapons. When the sun crested on the edge of the Mediterranean, the dead bodies of nine relief workers and activists were strewn across the … Continue reading

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