Let’s Get to Work: Obama challenges Congress to pass $447 billion jobs bill

Originally posted September 2, 2011 Combining a slate of moderate policy proposals and a confrontational tone, President Barack Obama called on Congress Thursday night to pass $447 billion in infrastructure spending, tax cuts, unemployment benefits, and state and local government aid to help revive a stalling economy and his freefalling poll numbers.  A far cry … Continue reading

A Lose-Lose-Lose Situation: Washington Pursues Wrong Set of Policies in Debt Ceiling Debacle

President Barack Obama meets with congressional leaders in the Cabinet Room of the White House on July 13 to discuss ongoing efforts to find a balanced approach to the debt limit and deficit reduction. Facing the first default in the nation’s history, President Barack Obama punted on large-scale fiscal reform earlier this month by adopting … Continue reading

Checkmate: President Obama and GOP Rep. Paul Ryan make their moves on how to cut the budget

After congressional leaders reached an 11th hour compromise to prevent a government shutdown, President Barack Obama jaunted up the steps of the Lincoln Memorial the next afternoon to greet tourists and remind them of the integral role government plays in their lives, including keeping national parks open. Simple gestures like this are going to help … Continue reading

Waiting for Change: Race to the Top unleashes potential of American schools

Millions of students wake up every morning, pack their books and walk to schools that are failing them and their country. For the first time in the nation’s history, many education scholars fear the current generation of high school students will be less educated than their parents. In order for American schools to produce a … Continue reading

Not on Obama’s Watch: President takes stand for human rights in Libya

American-led forces unleashed a fury of missile strikes on Libyan installations this week, plunging the United States into a third Middle Eastern conflict and signaling the emergence of President Barack Obama’s own distinct foreign policy doctrine. In a shift away from the quagmire of mishaps that defined his predecessor’s foray into the Middle East, Obama … Continue reading

State of the Unions: Wisconsin Budget Battle an Attack on Democratic Party

The boisterous protests against Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s efforts to end collective bargaining rights for public employees are about much more than the state’s budget crisis; it is an assault on the base of the Democratic Party. The capitol steps in Madison have become a last stand for the American Labor Movement and a battle … Continue reading

Boehner’s House vs. White House: House Speaker is playing chicken with President Obama

One of the biggest mysteries of the midterm election was whether House Speaker John Boehner could lead a divided Republican caucus comprised of 87 new members, many of whom were backed by the Tea Party. After a coalition of liberal Democrats and wayward Tea Party representatives rallied last Wednesday to shoot down funding for the … Continue reading

Judging Elena Kagan

To fill the void left by the departure of Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, President Barack Obama nominated Solicitor General Elena Kagan to the high court last week. With no judicial experience, only a couple of dense academic writings and few released memos, Kagan’s enigmatic record has left pundits on both sides of the … Continue reading

Court extends free speech rights to corporations

In a landmark decision, the Supreme Court overrules 60 years of legal precedents, placing democratic process in peril.

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